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Voter approval of the Wallowa County Library District will retain important services and support for children, families, seniors and city libraries. Literate citizens are less prone to school failure, juvenile crime, poverty, unemployment, and isolation. Libraries are the foundation of healthy communities.

Who We Are:

In May 2018, Wallowa County residents will have the opportunity to choose - either create a library district and retain the services provided by the Wallowa County Library, or close the County Library due to budget cuts. Our Political Action Committee (PAC) is a temporary organization with just one goal - to ensure that the ballot measure passes with a YES vote for the creation of a library district in Wallowa County.

Ballot Measure Question: Shall District be authorized to impose $0.65 per $1000 of assessed value as a permanent rate beginning July 1, 2018?

Summary: If approved, this measure would form the Wallowa County Library District as an independent, public County library service district with a permanent rate dedicated to library services, programs, and materials, effective July 1, 2018. The district would have the powers granted to library districts and public libraries under state and local law. An elected five-member, at-large, District Board would serve as the governing board of the district to provide oversight and accountability. The permanent and dedicated funding source for library services would be up to $0.65 per $1000 of assessed value. The Library District will include all of Wallowa County except the City of Lostine.

Formation of a Library District would do the following:

  • Increase library service hours;
  • Retain books, summer reading, student and jobseeker support services, and outreach to children and senior citizens;
  • Provide a permanent and dedicated funding source for library services; up to  $0.65 per $1000 of assessed value.

In the first year of  imposition,  the proposed rate would raise approximately $490,313.

Please vote "YES" for Wallowa County Libraries!

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Library Fairs Celebrate Programs and Highlight Services!

The Libraries in Wallowa County will be offering five Library Fairs to celebrate local library programs and highlight their role in building strong communities. Check the calendar below and join us for the next fair!

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